A few oldies

Rather than do a separate post for each of these, I thought I would include them all in the same post. Just some of the older cakes I have done over the past few years!

A cake I did for my Grandpa's birthday - he is a die hard KU fan!

I did this cake for an old co-workers Grand-daughter who was turning 1..such a cutie!

This cake was done for my friend Marcie's son Hunter!

First birthday cupcakes, cake and smash cakes done for some special twin girls Brenna Faith and Taya Beth. These little girls are my best friend from high school's little girls - after 2 boys they were surprised to hear they were having not one but two little girls! Definitely have improved a little on my skill set since these were done years ago!

Lastly, a luau cake I did for an engagement party Steve and I threw for some special friends of ours, Bub and Leslie.