Heather's Bridal Shower

I got to know Heather through my friend Jeanne, and was excited to make some goodies for her bridal shower. And the colors for her wedding are the colors on my business cards and blog - love them!

Heather loves my cookies..the original way, so I did some of both. This was one of my first attempts at the smooth cookies - and it sure shows!

And matching cupcakes!

And lastly, a NEVER BEFORE SEEN picture! I had been dying to try and make this cake...I thought it was so cool when I saw it on a cake decorating website. Well, I had good intentions but this cake saw better days. I tore off the first attempt with the fondant and chucked it on the floor - and this was my second attempt. Still was not happy about it, and this cake never made it to the shower. Pretty sure my I stuffed my fist through this cake. I know Steve ended up leaving while I was doing this cake because I was just not fun to be around. :)