Little Charlie turns 1!

I made Charlie's baptism cake earlier this year, and now I got the chance to make all kinds of goodies for little Charlie's first birthday party! Angelica (Charlie's Mom) got all kinds of cute stuff (favor tags, cupcake picks, cupcake wrappers, etc) and I used that to base most cookies from. Thank you again Angelica and Anthony!!

You will notice the design for the cake is a duplicate of another cake I have done before. My cupcake stand was used for the party, and this was the top cake for the cupcake stand. All white cake and covered in buttercream.

There were four different kinds of cupcakes on the cupcake stand. I only got a shot of two of the designs, but there were also Sno-Cone cupcakes as well. Cupcake flavors were: White with buttercream, Cherry Chip with buttercream, Strawberry with buttercream and Chocolate with chocolate buttercream.

Like I mentioned above, the cookie design was replicated from the favor tags and cupcake picks. Each cookie was individually bagged, tied with a ribbon and finished off with the adorable favor tags!

Anthony (Charlie's Dad) works with Steve and had begged me to please make a "pimp" cookie for little Charlie. I do what I'm asked, and this is what I came up with. I have learned my lesson though for next time something like this happens -- never believe it when you are told that the Wife knows all about something, and check with her yourself! :)