Cookies for Annie

My lovely Mom has been asking me weekly about new posts to my blog, so I guess that means I have been neglecting it! I haven't had much to blog about lately, although I have been staying busy - I guess the items I have had to do have just been time consuming! :)

I received an email a few weeks before Christmas asking about doing a few cookies, and when I heard the story about why the cookies were being requested I just couldn't say no! Little Annie told her Mom that all she wanted for Christmas was a candy cane. When Annie's Mom asked her what color of candy cane she wanted, she said "I want it to be red and white with sprinkles on it..just like the one I shared with Daddy". Needless to say, Annie had one of my cookies at Madi's Closet and that was what she wanted! Just one of the cutest things I have ever heard. I made these cookies for her to receive from Santa on Christmas morning...I hope she liked them!