Sloane's WILD 2nd Birthday!

First I have to say, this little girl is C.U.T.E! And not only is she a doll, but doesn't she have the coolest name??? I love it!

When Sloane's Mom asked me to make some goodies for her birthday party, she let me know that Sloane LOVES animals! Decided to go with some of the jungle/safari animals and this is what I came up with. Thanks again, Janalee!!

Cupcakes - White and Chocolate Cupcakes covered with buttercream and cream cheese frosting and topped with custom cupcake picks!

Cookies - these were lots and lots of fun!!

And I had to include a picture of the birthday girl herself - look how adorable she is!! I even got to hear her do a few animal sounds - my personal favorite was the stinkin' cute!